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Fraternity & Sorority Life
The University of Mississippi

About Us


Fraternity & Sorority Life, a functional area within Student Affairs, at the University of Mississippi exists to support the individuals, chapters, and organizations affiliated with our community through a holistic and student focused approach. We believe that engagement in the fraternal experience enhances and contributes to the educational experience at the University of Mississippi.

We believe that when done right, fraternities and sororities are designed to make affiliated men and women the best version of themselves. Fraternities and sororities strive to provide a supportive atmosphere that leads with learning, furthers the building of relationships, and develops the individual. In this context, fraternities and sororities add to the mission of the University of Mississippi and promote an experience that is life changing, powerful, and transformative.

As a community we are dedicated to five core values: academic excellence, respect and dignity for all, health and wellness, personal and professional development, and civic engagement. Focusing our energy, conversations, and work around these core values, we are able to create intentional educational opportunities grounded in research and theory. These core values are consistent with the beliefs and ideals of the University of Mississippi and the Division of Student Affairs.

Our values and beliefs shape our interactions and advising philosophy. In an effort to provide an equitable style of advisement across governing councils and to create an inclusive environment, we utilize a shared governance model. In this model our professional and para-professional staff members provide support to student leaders across all governing councils and their member organizations.

Through this student centered and values-based approach we believe Fraternity & Sorority Life contributes to the co-curricular experience and fosters an environment of integrity. We believe the fraternal experience produces citizens committed to the well being and advancement of their local community, the state of Mississippi, and the world.


Core Values
Academic Excellence
Civic Engagement
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Health & Wellness
Personal & Professional Development