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Fraternity & Sorority Life

The University of Mississippi

Files & Forms

Here you can find forms, documents and resources available for the fraternity and sorority community.


Academic Reports & Resources

Greek Affairs Resources

Fraternity & Sorority Roster Template

Fraternity & Sorority Housing Resident Roster

Fraternities and sororities with houses must complete a Housing Resident Roster each fall. Using this template, the sorority/fraternity identifies members who are living in the house.

If housing arrangements change between the fall and spring term, a new Housing Resident Roster must be emailed to Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Once the resident roster is received, Fraternity & Sorority Life communicates with the Department of Parking and Transportation about who is living in each fraternity/sorority house so when members request their parking permit, they are eligible for certain areas.

University of Mississippi Architectural Design Guidelines Handbook

As provided by the University of Mississippi Department of Facilities Planning, the Architectural Design Guidelines Handbook describes the history and expectations of building design.


Fire Safety Resources

Fire and Safety Inspection Checklist & Guidelines

Provides a list and description of fire and safety inspections and guidelines for fraternity/sorority houses.

Fraternity & Sorority Inspection Authority Statement from State Fire Marshal

State Fire Marshal Annual Inspection Checklist

This is a blank copy of the checklist used during the annual fraternity/sorority house fire and safety inspections conducted each fall.


Interfraternity Council Resources

Panhellenic Council Resources

National Panhellenic Conference College Panhellenic Policies and Best Practices

National Panhellenic Conference Standards

National Panhellenic Conference Unanimous Agreements

NPC Policies and Procedures for College Panhellenics

NPC policies and procedures are the result of years of cumulative experience and study of many campus situations. An efficient, effective College Panhellenic should adopt and implement the unanimous agreements and the policies and procedures of NPC.

The following pages contain brief statements of NPC resolutions pertaining to College Panhellenics. Additional resolutions may be found throughout the NPC Manual of Information in bold print preceded by the word Resolved and the date adopted.


UM Fraternity & Sorority Standards


From Greek to Global – PowerPoint presentation from Greek Leadership Summit

Presented by Jordan Troisi, a global ambassador for Ole Miss and graduate assistant for student organizations, this PowerPoint demonstrates how international students perceive the UM Greek community and provides a platform for being more deliberately inclusive of international students in the branding of fraternal organizations.

University of Mississippi Alcohol Policy

University of Mississippi Registration of Student Organization Activities Policy