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Fraternity & Sorority Life
The University of Mississippi

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the university launch this review?

As stated in the letter from our Director, fraternity and sorority chapters have been a vital part of our campus for more than 160 years and have positively impacted the lives of current students and alumni through their commitment to scholarship, philanthropy, leadership development and lifelong friendships. The positive contributions of fraternities and sororities to this campus are endless, however we also know that there are challenges as well. The review will help the university and chapters take advantage of best practices that are being developed nationally to enhance student safety and experience within fraternities and sororities.

Is this review intended to suspend or shut down fraternities and sororities?

No. The intent is to identify areas that our community can improve as we strive to become the premier fraternity and sorority experience in the country.

Is this review in response to a particular incident?

The review is not in response to any particular incident.  It is a proactive measure that has been planned since spring.

Who are the review team members and how were they chosen?

The review team members are seasoned professionals who collectively have over 50 years of experience working with fraternities and sororities, both on campus and with national headquarters.  They have been chosen based on their national expertise as higher education professionals with specific experience in fraternity and sorority life, encompassing all three councils that are represented at The University of Mississippi: College Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, and National Pan-Hellenic Council.

How can I as a student participate?

There will be opportunities for students to participate through various means during the review team’s visit to campus in November. This will include options to submit feedback anonymously.

I’m not a student – how can I participate?

There will be opportunities for many constituent groups (including community members, advisors, faculty, staff, and others) to participate through various means during the review team’s visit to campus in November. This will include options to submit feedback anonymously.

Will the review team’s report be public?


What are the expected outcomes?

The review team will make recommendations based on national best practices and on the particular concerns and opportunities they discover on our campus. The recommendations will focus on key areas identifies through conversations with FSL leadership. Next spring we will engage student leaders, advisors, and alumni to determine priorities and next steps of implementation.

When will the review be completed?

The report and recommendations are expected by early spring.

Where can I direct questions?

Please direct all questions to the Dr. Arthur E. Doctor, Jr., Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life via email at